Christianity and Not Christianity

We created What He Said for many reasons. One, because the Bible is a hard book to read. We thought that designing the words of Christ in a new, easy-on-the-eye layout would help people get to the essential Christian lessons of love and peace and tolerance much easier than all the Bibles in their homes that never get pulled off the shelf and really read. And two, because we saw (and see) so many examples of self-proclaimed Christians acting in ways completely contrary to their professed faith. Maybe if they had an easy guide to the teachings of Christ they might reconsider some of their beliefs. And put the guns aside.

This article/editorial discusses “false witnesses” in the ever-growing movement of hate groups:

“It always seemed to me that there was a whole lot more to being a Christian than just believing in Jesus, that too many call themselves that without really knowing what it means and, in far too many cases, to justify behavior that is the antitheses of true Christianity.”

In discussing the arrest of the Michigan couple planning to kill law-enforcement officers, Dan Thomasson continues:

“The problem is that these people aren’t alone. Disaffected, ignorant followers of the philosophy of violence are popping up everywhere. They’re being helped by the Internet and the easy access to weapons. The high rate of unemployment has left otherwise normal citizens disaffected and vulnerable to the likes of those who hide behind religious masks and crazy schemes. Be careful. They aren’t Christians.”

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