There’s a Christian Flag?

Learn something new every day. Until today I had no idea there was such a thing as a Christian flag. Funny, I don’t remember reading about it in any of the Gospels. But I digress.

Christian FlagHave you been following the story about King, North Carolina? They have a Veterans Memorial in one of their parks and a Christian flag was flying there. Somebody complained that it was a violation of the First Amendment (separation of church and state) and asked that it be removed. King’s city council voted 3-1 to take the flag down and then people got upset. Here’s one complaint:

“Americans are slowly losing their religious freedoms and liberties. One day we’re going to wake up and find out liberties are completely gone. We’ve got to do something about it.” – Larry Reeves of King, member of Calvary Baptist

I agree with him on losing our liberties (Patriot Act anyone?). But where is the loss of religious freedom? There were others on hand:

“Stirring up this mess goes against Jesus, who preached peace and tolerance for all people. This seems to be intolerant of other people. There was once a dude named Adolf who had a flag and got all amped up about it. Think about it. Jesus just wants us all to get along.” – Colin Covington of King

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