Wisdom in a Movie Review

Jeff Meyers wrote a review of the film Of Gods and Men which was published today. The opening paragraph is, to me anyway, a powerfully lucid description of where we are today. Take it away, Jeff:

“For a nation that swears by its Christianity, it amazes me how frugally that righteousness is wielded. While many on the hard religious right speak long and loud of sinful things they see in others, it’s hard not to notice that the issues riling them most are those that cost them the least. Never mind feeding the hungry, tending to the sick or sheltering the poor, there are gay marriages and contraceptives to be stopped, books to ban, and Qurans to be burned. It’s morality on the cheap, a Wal-Mart approach to faith that never asks for meaningful sacrifice, only smug and certain condemnation. A penny saved is a penny you don’t have to share with anyone else … especially those who might have dark skin or liberal ideas.”

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