AOK Wednesday…sort of

I was in the mood for something positive, something kind to share with everyone. I haven’t done an Act of Kindness (AOK) Thursday post in a while, so I started foraging for stories about people being kind to one another and came across this.

There’s this company called eFoods Global that has introduced Acts of Kindness (AoK) Currency, and the press release certainly sounds like people can get free “money” for food simply by being kind to their fellow humans. And I believe that they can. Awesome, right?! Except the only kindness that qualifies is referring other humans to eFoods Global’s products.

Go to their website and view the video on the Home page. They make storable food, the kind you put in your bunker, bomb shelter, or basement in case of crisis. Their business model relies on network marketing, meaning people referring people who refer people who refer people. It’s a powerful model, good business, and their video has all the polish of a Saturday afternoon infomercial.

But, really, is it kindness–or commerce?

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  1. erin says:

    It’s all about the motive behind the company. Can we say the same thing about oil companies–what is their mission? They aren’t providing a service that helps other people. That’s what eFoods Global is all about. We help people get prepared. Call it what you want, but I know that the people who have found us are grateful.

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