Ayn Rand on Religion

You see Ayn Rand’s name popping up all over the place lately. I read both “The Fountainhead” and “Atlas Shrugged.” I thought the former was terrific; in fact it’s the only book I have ever stayed up all night reading. “Atlas Shrugged,” however, I thought was a tired re-write of “The Fountainhead.” Swap Dagny Taggart for Howard Roark and railroads for architecture, and you’re done.

Today, her name is constantly mentioned by prominent Republican politicians, most notably Rand Paul and Paul Ryan (say those names together 5 times fast), who feel her writing perfectly captures the morality of capitalism.

But what about her feelings on God, religion, and faith? They certainly can’t have it both ways when it comes to Ayn Rand, right? I wonder how they will explain the following to their conservative/evangelical Christian base?

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