(Now) True to Its Name

Focus on the Family is an organization founded by James Dobson that over the years seemed to stray a great distance from its mission. They went after gays and gay marriage, fought the so-called “attack on Christmas,” and dove headfirst into the worlds of politics and policy.

Dobson is out and a new leader is in place. His name is Jim Daly and he’s actually pushing the organization back to the Family. Go figure. He’s even changed the dress code for women in the Focus on Family office: they no longer have to wear burkas dresses, skirts and pantyhose. The employees are happy:

“God bless Jim Daly. He has launched us into the 21st century.” She pauses to reconsider. “Or the 19th.”

Sarah Pulliam Bailey has written an interesting profile on Daly and the organization. Check it out.

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