The Real Marriage Problem

So New York becomes the sixth state in the nation to allow homosexual marriage. Given that the other five states haven’t tumbled into the fiery abyss since their laws passed, we don’t anticipate New York getting uncomfortably warm, either. At least not from gay marriage.

Gabe Lyons, evangelical leader and author of The Next Christians, isn’t concerned either. He thinks the problem with marriage today has nothing (or at least little) to do with the gay/lesbian community:

“This degradation of marriage is due, not to the 2.8 percent of those who identify as LGBT in our society, but to the heterosexuals with spoiled marriages and the increasingly popular hook-up culture in the younger generation.”

He also said Christians should be talking not just about a Biblical definition of marriage:

“but also how to choose a spouse, how to maintain healthy marriages, and how to weather the storms of marriage that every couple must face.”

Sounds reasonable to me. Besides being reasonable, Mr. Lyons also sounds downright optimistic.


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