Early reaction to What He Said has been quite positive. Below you will find impressions of the book by some of today’s prominent voices:

Gold Medal Winner in the National: Religion Category

- 2010 Independent Publisher Book Awards (

What He Said is very well done and very useful. The Gospels are so deeply radical that we tend to encrust them in all kinds of tradition to avoid having to deal with those very deep commands to love your God and your neighbor. This reminds us powerfully of the centrality of that countercultural message.”

- Bill McKibben, author/educator/environmentalist (

“Yep, believe you hit the mark here. I’m pleased to see someone clarify what we are TOLD Jesus said, as it is recorded in the Gospels. This book helps readers get to the core of Jesus’ teachings and sifts through all the rest so as to create a readable and valuable tool for those interested. It’s spot-on. Good work.”

- Dr. Steve McSwain, minister/author/speaker (

What He Said will help people focus on Jesus’ own words, yet do so in their narrative context. That’s important for everybody—for committed Christians, who have too often undervalued the teachings of Jesus, for folks who are turned off to the dogma and politics of Christianity but are deeply interested in Jesus, and for seekers who want to get right to the heart of the matter when they begin reading the gospels.”

- Brian McLaren, author/activist/speaker (

What He Said is just a brilliant concept. It is such a handy reference tool, and I really don’t know what I ever did without it. It makes studying easier and simply reading through the book gives you new insight to our Lord and Savior.”

- Amy Bayliss, leading voice in women’s online ministry (Amy | Inspired Hearts Media)