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Pop Quiz!

Tuesday, October 12th, 2010 by JEL

Remember walking into your classroom in middle school or high school all relaxed and ready for a routine day? Listen, take a few notes, doodle, try to make the kid next to you laugh. Then all of the sudden, the teacher quietly asks everyone to put away their notebooks. Pop quiz! Did your pulse just shoot heavenward?

As a follow-up to the Pew Research study I posted about a couple of weeks ago, Nicholas Kristof put together the following quiz. I don’t think you’ll do very well, but you will learn how muddy the waters of religion can be.

Take the quiz >>

Who’s More Like Jesus?

Monday, June 7th, 2010 by JEL

I just saw this column by Nicholas Kristof in The New York Times. In it, he describes the swift excommunication of a nun who saved a woman’s life. Meanwhile, all the priests and bishops guilty of child abuse are “re-assigned,” or in rare cases, suspended, or in even rarer cases, defrocked. But still allowed to take the sacrament.

Two passages from the story hit home for me. The first is a quote from a doctor who works at the same hospital as Sister Margaret.

“She is a kind, soft-spoken, humble, caring, spiritual woman whose spot in Heaven was reserved years ago. The idea that she could be ex-communicated after decades of service to the Church and humanity literally makes me nauseated. True Christians, like Sister Margaret, understand that real life is full of difficult moral decisions and pray that they make the right decision in the context of Christ’s teachings. Only a group of detached, pampered men in gilded robes on a balcony high above the rest of us could deny these dilemmas.”

The other is from Kristof:

Sister Margaret made a difficult judgment in an emergency, saved a life and then was punished and humiliated by a lightning bolt from a bishop who spent 16 years living in Rome and who has devoted far less time to serving the downtrodden than Sister Margaret. Compare their two biographies, and Sister Margaret’s looks much more like Jesus’s than the bishop’s does.