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Go to the 11am Mass

Monday, March 1st, 2010 by JEL

Like all the best sporting events, yesterday’s thrilling men’s gold medal hockey game created an afterglow that is still shimmering today. While I was briefly disappointed the U.S. team didn’t come through—especially after knotting the score with 25 seconds left—I soon felt that the outcome was Canada’s just reward for putting on such a terrific Winter Olympics. The host country should always feel pride and joy at their accomplishment, and Sid the Kid’s goal certainly fueled both emotions from BC to Nova Scotia.

I enjoyed this New York Times account of a Catholic church just a few blocks away from the game. Pacific time, the puck dropped at 12:15pm but the Very Rev. Glenn Dion would not change the time of the 12:30 Mass. He did, however, cut short the 11:00am Mass so that parishioners could get in front of a TV. I liked his comparison of hockey in Canada and religion: “both are ingrained from a young age, passed among generations, studied and practiced reverently and — in the case of the Catholic parish, at least — have a box where sinners sit in penance.”

I also liked his closing prayer/request for the Canadians:

“To be humble when and if they win. And to be gracious if they don’t.”