Bishops vs. Nuns

Health care reform is grinding down the home stretch with detractors and supporters on both sides. Especially within the Catholic Church. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops has come out against the bill, saying it is contains a “backdoor subsidy of abortion.”

But nuns have a different view. 60 leaders of women’s religious orders representing 59,000 nuns have signed a letter proclaiming their support for reform:

“Despite false claims to the contrary, the Senate bill will not provide taxpayer funding for elective abortions. It will uphold longstanding conscience protections and it will make historic new investments … in support of pregnant women. This is the real pro-life stance, and we as Catholics are all for it.”

One other thought (Go, nuns!):

“We are the ones who work every day with people who are suffering because they don’t have health care. We cannot turn our backs on them, so for us, health care reform is a faith-based response to human need.” – Sister Simone Campbell

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