AOK Thursday: Mr. Lovewell

Before the band MercyMe (great name, by the way) started recording their sixth album, they got together to discuss the concept the music should explore. They came up with “kindness” and created a character, Mr. Lovewell, who inspires people to go out and be nice to each other. What kind of guy is Mr. Lovewell? Well he…

“…sees the good in everyone. He’s really trusting, and he just gives everybody a chance. He believes that even the smallest things he does could potentially change the world.” – Bart Millard of MercyMe

The Lovewell concept is spreading as their album zooms up the charts. People are doing random acts of kindness for others and leaving behind notes signed, “Mr. Lovewell.”

The band walks the walk. Just ask Glenda James about her “new” car.

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