AOK Thursday: Online Comments

Since canceling my newspaper subscription about 6 months ago, I have relied almost exclusively on online sources of information (except my indispensable New Yorker in print). By and large, this has worked out fine. Except when I get to the bottom of whatever article I’m reading. I know what’s coming and I know I should just move on, but something compels me to scroll down into the very depths of Hades itself.

I’m talking about the “comments” people post. It could be a story about baby pandas or a child prodigy or a new all-natural candy bar that tastes great and has no calories and the comments would be still be filled to the brim with hate and churning stomach acids. People screaming at each other and the world at large. I won’t even mention the political articles.

Wouldn’t Jesus be appalled at this behavior? You may hide behind your WACKBOY885 handle and think all of your bile is anonymous fun, but it’s not. It’s hate pollution.

If you believe Jesus is watching all things at all times, consider yourself in line for a good smiting.

Then consider some kindness.

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