I loved today’s “Jesus is Uncool” column by Greg Stier. He makes the point that Jesus, as some Christians strive to portray Him today, was not this handsome superhero traveling the countryside saving the oppressed multitudes with a single wave of his hand. In reality, he was probably a short, sun-beaten guy preaching a message that nearly everyone at the time thought was the epitome of uncool.

It’s still uncool today. Help the poor? Feed the starving? Look at the rage over welfare, social security, and other entitlement programs. Look at how this country approaches immigration. No, it’s lift yourself up by your bootstraps, look out for #1, and be damned with all the rest.

“So what are the lessons for us as followers of Christ? In a 21st Century quest for Hipster Christianity we must remember that the call of Christ is the call to be uncool. It’s the call to pick up our cross and carry a radical and sometimes unpopular message to a broken world. It’s the call to embrace Jesus’ as the narrow gate, though it may appear narrow-minded and exclusive, but to be open-hearted and handed when it comes to the hurting and hopeless.”

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

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