New Review of What He Said

Dr. Steve McSwain is an interesting guy. He’s a prolific writer, speaker, and church/faith consultant. You can read more about him at his website. I first came across him a couple of weeks ago when I saw his series “Perspectives of a Former Fundamentalist Christian.” I wrote a post about it, and then decided to send him a copy of What He Said. Based on his writings, I had a hunch Dr. McSwain would “get” what we were trying to do and I was interested in his reaction. He wrote me back a week later:

“Thanks for the copy of What He Said. Yep, believe you hit the mark here. I’m pleased to see someone clarify what we are TOLD Jesus said, as it is recorded in the Gospels.  This book helps readers get to the core of Jesus’ teachings and sifts through all the rest so as to create a readable and valuable tool for those interested.  It’s spot-on. Good work.”

Nice to hear we’re on the right track. To read more of his work, check out:

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