Crucifixion Nails

Shame on TIME Magazine for this headline which is refuted in the second sentence of the article. And you wonder why people hate the media?

Anyway, two nails were found which might be crucifixion nails and might have been in the bone box of a tomb which might have been Caiaphas’s, “the jurist who paved the way for the crucifixion.” Enough question marks in this one to walk the other way quickly. The tomb was originally found in 1990, but incredibly:

“Researchers from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) listed everything found in the cave, including two Roman nails. But unlike everything else in the grave, the nails were otherwise unaccounted for. They were not measured, sketched or photographed, and nowhere to be found in the IAA’s vast collection.”

And now they turn up in the hands of an Israeli TV journalist.

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