Still Here

Surprise, surprise: the world didn’t end on Saturday at 6:00pm. Harold Camping is apparently “flabbergasted” that his prediction didn’t come true. What he should be “flabbergasted” about is the fact that with no Biblical training, and no knowledge of Greek or Hebrew, he was able to decipher the day of Judgement, convince hundreds/thousands of people to follow him, and build a $120M radio empire with 160 stations in 49 countries. I’m flabbergasted about that, too.

What does he say now to the followers who spent their life savings on billboards? What does he say to the mother in California who slit her daughters’ throats and wrists? Mr. Camping is supposed to make a statement later today.

For those who *did* believe Saturday was the end, you might want to check out this article for your next steps.


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