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The Top 11

Friday, September 17th, 2010 by JEL

The New Statesman published a list of the Top 11 most controversial figures in Christianity. If you’re like me, I recognized about 9 out of the 11. In ALL cases, however, clicking the link to see what acts earned them mention was incredibly educational. Give it a go:

  1. Martin Luther – The original protestant
  2. Henry VIII – The Tudor megalomaniac
  3. Pope Urban II – Eleventh century Dr. Death
  4. Guy Fawkes – Britain’s number one conspirator
  5. Joan of Arc – The bad-girl of French Catholicism
  6. Thomas Cranmer – The craftsmen of royal supremacy
  7. Pope Urban VIII – Inquisitor extraordinaire
  8. Thomas More – Enemy of the State
  9. Pope Pius XII – Hitler’s Pope
  10. Pope Pius IX – The Anti-semite
  11. Jerry FalwellThe televangelist